Early Days if a video podcast presented by Prowse Chowne LLP from Edmonton, Alberta

Welcome to Early Days!

The conversation around the entrepreneurial journey. This show offers a deep dive into the challenges and triumphs of building a successful business. Whether in the initial stages of a startup, launching an innovative new product, or expanding to new locations, ‘Early Days’ provides invaluable insights and actionable advice.

Presented by Prowse Chowne, the show is committed to helping navigate the complexities of business ownership, from legal intricacies to strategic decision-making. Meet today’s guests, seasoned entrepreneurs who share their compelling stories and hard-earned wisdom, all designed to help make informed decisions on your own entrepreneurial path.

Early Days EP18 – Navigating Entrepreneurship and Giving Back: Insights from Ashif Mawji

Discover Ashif Mawji’s incredible journey from Kenya to Canada, his entrepreneurial success, and his dedication to philanthropy. [...]

Early Days EP17 – Empowering Excellence: Mike Calverley’s Blueprint for Business Growth

Join us on Early Days in part two of this discussion as Mike Calverley shares his journey from transforming [...]

Early Days EP16 – Transforming the Food Industry and Beyond: Mike Calverley’s Recipe for Success

Join us on Early Days as Mike Calverley shares his journey from his early days [...]

Early Days EP15 – The Art of Chocolate: Discover How Jacek Chocolate Couture is Stirring Up the Industry

Join us on Early Days as we explore the sweet success of Jacqueline Jacek, founder of Jacek Chocolate Couture. [...]

Early Days EP14 – Brewing Success: David Owens’ Entrepreneurial Journey

A beverage filled entrepreneurial journey is on tap in this episode! Join host Jackie Rae Greening on [...]

Early Days EP13 – Energizing Excellence: A Conversation with Rosanna Fischer

Join host Jackie Rae Greening in a captivating episode of Early Days as she engages with Rosanna Fischer, [...]

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